We hear about them all over the news, social media and quite right everywhere. I’m a sensitive person. I don’t cry very often, but things hit me harder than most other people. And many of the times, once I’m over the shock of the initial news, the only thought I can seem to have is that, what if this happened to me? or even worse, what if it happens to someone I love.

I’m not a stranger to the ephimerality of life. I accept it and I know that my life is going to end one day. What scares me is, what if it ends before I experience complete and true bliss, before I fall in love or before I do something, that saves the world or even one person.

Tragedy is real, it’s repercussions even more. And it’s varied. Living a unhappy life, is as much as a tragedy as getting shot by a terrorist.

I hope you never experience it. I hope you never know what it is.





2 thoughts on “tragedy

  1. I feel just like you do. I don’t fear dying I would only hope to go after I’ve done something really awesome for even one person. Let’s keep our dreams alive and try our best to do something for someone – even the smallest thing – everyday.

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