Bangkok: the buoyant city

I have travelled a lot but never alone. But this time, I was alone.

Last month, I went on a holiday. Away from all the worries of my rudimentary routine. As you’ll have it, my first stop was Thailand,  every voyager’s beginning point. And as expected, every moment I spent there became one of my favourites. Okay, apart from when I was stuck in the terrible traffic jams. There is a reason after all why  Tuk-Tuk’s are so famous there.


This city is everything vivacious you can imagine and more. It can make you feel like you’re the king of the world, when you stand atop the sky bar holding a drink and then remind you no less how small you are, when you get down the sky train at Ratchadamri.

 Bangkok is Buoyant and it’s people bright. Their clothes, their phones, their hair, everything about them. There is a tourist at every corner and that too a clueless one but the locals without a hint of judgement, accept everyone as their own. All the people whom I talked to were so kind and generous. It warmed my heart to be near them.

Two days in, and suddenly walking seems the best way to travel, BTS becomes your best friend, street food starts to taste better than lavish meals. Your budget blows up the moment you step in one of the many malls, you get tired of clicking selfies because every corner is a potential selfie spot and you forget to turn on google navigation because you’re too busy relishing everything that surrounds you

IMG_2877.JPGDuring my limited time in Bangkok, I managed to see a great amount of the city and it’s life. I went everywhere from the Siam centre, to Patpong night market. From Dream World to Central Embassy mall (which btw is a must. It is a shopper’s heaven). I went to MBK and asiatique river front. To Grand palace and the Wat Arun. This city has it all. Culture and nightlife. It’s as cosmopolitan as it gets. Once you’ve been here, you will forever be in love with it.IMG_2857

Bangkok has been winning the award for number one tourist place in the world for many years in a row and there is no second-guessing why that it is. It has got something for everyone and it makes you feel things that are unexplainable. You can know it only after you’ve been here. And you should definitely atleast once be here.




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