What makes Boston special?

It’s been an year since I moved to Boston. I said I think I’m gonna move to Boston and start a new life and so I did. Augstana was not a part of my decision. Boston isn’t the answer to all your problems but it does gives you the dezire to find those answers.

This city isn’t like any other. It’s considered a big city but it has the charm of a small town. One week in and you don’t need a map to go around the city. One week in and you will feel as if a home has existed for you which you were just unaware of. The people are smart. The streets are small and the river is still. Yet everything seems magnamous and the air just flows.

Bostanions are passionate and a lot of them only live here for four years of their lives. Most of them argue that those were the best four years of their lives.

Here’s a list of things that makes them say so:

  1. The Esplanade

    When the city suffocates you and everything seems helpless, watching the sun rise slowly behind the harvard bridge makes things a little more brighter, if not clearer.
  2. Down-town

    When you’re bored or hungry or in the mood to walk around in a graveyard because a reminder of your ephemarility is the best spirit booster then get on the next T to downtown.
  3. Cambridge

    If you’re tired of going to the same ol’ newbury and want to explore a different culture and place without breaking the bank, head over across the river and fall in love with this little town called cambridge.
  4. Books and nerds

    Stastically, Boston has some of the smartest population in the world and so if you’re tired of being the smartest person in the room, move to Boston and celebrate your stupidity.
  5. Irish pubs
    They are better than other pubs. It’s a well acknowledged fact in Boston.
  6. Boston Bedtime
    Everyone in Boston has agreed to be in bed by 1 am because they’re smart. So you won’t find the T or food because sleep is always better.
  7. Autunm

    No place looks as pretty as Boston when trees begin to shed leaves.

Let me know if you need more convincing because I have enough reasons to make a part two of this post.



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