Is Social Media Evil?

I spent the first seventeen years of my life in a third world country. I didn’t had a phone growing up. I didn’t even have the internet while my western counterparts were getting sucked into it. Then, five years back, I got the internet. I got a macbook. And I got an iphone.

It was magical.

Internet is the best invention of my lifetime yet. What isn’t though is social media. And I’d like to argue that social media has the traits to become a potential religion probably surpassing the popularity of those that already exist.

It started with twitter and it should have ended with facebook but it didn’t and so we got the one hundred thousand hybrids of the same phenomenon. The phenomenon that lures you with the promise of friends and destroys you with the fear that those friends don’t like you enough.

Social media isn’t evil. But is it necessary? I woud incline towards saying no. You don’t need that many friends. You don’t need that apporval. You don’t need it unless your paycheque comes from it.

Note: I’ve missed on nothing since deleting most of my social media.


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